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School of Foreign Studies (SFS) at Shandong University of Finance and Economics was founded in 2011, with its origin dating back to the Foreign Language Center of Shandong University of Economics and Shandong University of Finance in the 1980s. Over the past years, SFS has made a tremendous progress in the development of its disciplines, and in research, curriculum reform, faculty recruitment and training, collaboration with sister universities, and the upgrading of its teaching and research facilities.
SFS offers five undergraduate programs—English, Business English, Japanese, German, French, and three master programs—Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI), with English as a “provincial characteristic program,” Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as a “provincial key academic discipline.”
SFS consists of four departments and three centers: Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Business English, Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Department of Western Languages and Literature, Center for MTI Education, Center for Educational Technology in Foreign Languages, and Research Center for Linguistics. Currently, SFS has an enrollment of over 1,300 undergraduates and about 50 MA candidates. It has 89 faculty members, including 6 full professors, 28 associate professors, and many young assistant professors, with 7 teachers serving as editors or advisors for several academic journals, associations or institutions, and 19 teachers holding or pursuing a Ph.D. degree. In addition, it also employs 10 guest professors and a number of international teachers.
SFS has made great achievements in the research of linguistics, English literature and translation studies. Over the past five years, the faculty has undertaken more than 60 projects, with 3 funded by China National Social Science Fund, 6 funded by the Ministry of Education, 23 funded by Shandong Province, 17 by the Education Department of Shandong Province. It has also published over 30 books and 180 research papers and won 17 academic awards.
SFS has three missions: 1) to provide the country with competent foreign language talents; 2) to conduct research in foreign languages, literatures and cultures; and 3) to introduce world cultures and academic achievements to China. As China’s international visibility increases, SFS is broadening its connections and academic exchanges with sister universities at home and abroad to promote its teaching, learning, and research by inviting scholars to give lectures or sending some of its teachers abroad for training, lecturing, and attending conferences.
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